Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sample email for publishing nominations slate during Club Elections

You can find below a sample email template that you can use for publishing nominations slate during Club Elections. The nominations slate is published by interviewing the candidates who contest in the elections.

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Dear toastmasters,

It gives me great pleasure to publish the nominations slate. You can find below the nomination slate and other nominations.

I request all the club members to be present on to select their next set of leaders. At least 51% of the members have to be present to conduct the elections.

Nomination Slate
Other Nominations
Candidate A

VP Education
Candidate B
Candidate H
VP Membership
Candidate C
Candidate I, Candidate J
VP Public Relations
Candidate D

Candidate E
Candidate K, Candidate L, Candidate M
Candidate F
Candidate N
Candidate G
Candidate O

Request each member to go through the following pointers:

1. For elections to happen, at least 51% of active members must be present. So DO NOT miss this meeting at any cost. Even if you are not a candidate, surely some day you will lead the club. So you can use this opportunity to observe and cast your valuable vote.

2. Please note that all nominated members can campaign for office (i.e., do propaganda) till mid-night.
Over the past years, we've observed that campaigning, has generated new ideas and creativity on how to run the office. So positive propaganda is encouraged.

3. Though the members listed above are the preferred members since they have been scrutinized by the nomination team, ANY MEMBER in active standing (dues paid) can contest and win from the floor for any post (President to S@A). If you have it in mind to contest from the floor, we suggest you share your details with us now, though it is not mandatory. (Purely for better time management)

4. For positions with more than 1 nomination, each candidate will be given 2 minutes to address the audience. I strongly request the candidates to come prepared and use this time effectively and stick to 2 minutes.

Feel free to reach out to me should you have any clarification. Exciting times ahead!!

Best Regards,

Nominations Committee Chairman

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