Sunday, March 20, 2011

Table Topics - Theme "Halloween"

When you hear the word "Halloween", what comes to your mind?

Bright orange colored pumpkins, scary costumes & children going from one house to the other asking for trick or treats.

Well, for me, it reminds me about my daughter's birthday :)

My table topics questions is based on the theme for our meeting today ie., "Halloween".

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Question 1


"XYZ" is an aggressive 10 year old boy. You'll not give up until you get what you wanted.
Have you seen the movie "Incredibles"?

You desperately want an "Incredible" costume for the Halloween.
You had already boasted to your friends that you'll get one for this Halloween.

"ABC" is your father and a stock broker. You don't want to spend a lot of money in costumes. You consider that as a waste of money.
You would rather invest them in stocks.

Question 2

You go out for a movie on a Friday night. On the way back, you car tire got punctured on a croocked street.
You don't see any one around. Suddenly, a scary ghost appears in front of you - with
long uneven teeth, blood all over the face and nails so long & sharp.

The ghost says "I am very hungry and I want to eat you. However,
                I will let you to go, if you talk continuously for a minute and 30 secs"

Imagine that I'm the ghost...

Question 3

You get elected to be the president of United States.
You don't like the current way of conducting Halloween celebrations.
You want to bring in changes to the way in which Halloween is being celebrated.

What are the changes that you would bring in?

Question 4

You are the manager of a team. Your company has planned for a Halloween costume contest in the evening.
One of your team members has dressed up well for the Halloween costume contest.
She is so fanatic about participating and winning in the contest. She was in a very beautiful costume
and the probability of her being the winner is more. However, an urgent work has showed up.
She is the only person in your team that can do this work.

You want to motivate her to do the work instead of attending the costume contest.

Question 5


You are the head of your family. You want to do a grand Halloween decoration in your home.
You want to buy a lot of colorful lights, some spider webs, antique items, scary stuff, etc.,
You want to spend a lot of money to decorate your front yard for Halloween.


You are his wife. You are a very conservative women.
You do not want to waste money in buying things that are going to be used once a year.

XYZ has to convince ABC.

Question 6

What is your most favorite Halloween Costume? Why?

Question 7

What is your most memorable Halloween? Why?

Question 8


Why do you think Halloween should not be celebrated in our country?

Question 9

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or Why not?

Question 10

What is the Halloween Costume that you hate? Why?

Question 11

Celebrating Halloween is a waste of time

Question 12

Why do kids love Halloween?

Question 13

What was your most scariest Halloween?

Question 14

5 things that you love to do during Halloween.

Question 15

I love Halloween because ...

Question 16

There are millions in the world without food... but there is at least a dozen carved pumpkins in our garden.

Question 17

5 reasons why we should celebrate Halloween every year

Question 18

A great person from history visits your house with a "trick or treat" bag - who do you think that person would be? What would you like to ask him/her?

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