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Project 1 - The Effective Salesperson - Telling is not Selling (Role Play)

AC - Persuasive Speaking (Project 1)
The Effective Salesperson
Apri 25, 2008
How many of you are interested in doing sales? How many of you want to be a successful sales person? Today, I'm going to share with you a simple technique that you can use to be a successful sales man or woman.
What differentiates a successful sales person from an ordinary sales person? The successful sales person knows how to take money from your pocket and put it in their pocket and still makes you feel happy about it.
Now, how do you become a successful sales person? Who makes you successful in the sales process? Your customer.... When would your customer make you successful... when you understand your customer's needs and satisfy them! Simply put, you should make them happy!
Ask a lot of open-ended questions to understand your customer's needs. Don't ever begin the sales process by giving an hour-long lecture about you, your company and your product. Your customer is least interested about who you are and what your company does. Your customer wants you to understand their problems and pain factors and provide them a solution. So, spend a lot of time in understanding your customer's needs. Then, tell them how your product can solve their problems. Give them the different options.
At the end, share the pricing information. Most sales people, rush to talk about the pricing in advance. Do not talk about pricing until you've understood the customer's needs and until you've explained about your product's functions and capabilities.

[The goal for this speech is to sell an inexpensive product in a retail store. I sold a new brand of soap during my speech]

Sales Success: Motivation From Today's Top Sales Coaches (Audio Success Series)

Do you want a few quick tips to be a successful sales person? Do you want to get inspired and motivated to pursue your self-development goals? You should listen to this audio deck. Though the compilation is called "Sales Success", it is useful for anyone who aspires to be successful. You don't have to be a sales person.

The CDs cover all topics including selling techniques, leadership, communication, networking, negotiation, and memorizing people's names. You would also get to know the different styles of persuasion. I like the ones from Zig Ziglar & Patricia Fripp. Imagine going to a convention where all these great speakers are present in the stage talking just to YOU. That is the experience you would get from listening to this collection.

These CDs are good ones to listen to while driving your car or when going for a morning walk/jogging.

Mastering Your Way to the Top: Secrets for Success from the World's Greatest Salesman and America's Leading Businesspeople

Joe has really worked all the way to the top. His techniques are simple and easy to use. Most of these techniques are well known if you had read other books about being successful. Joe talks about goal setting, hard work, team work, networking, patience, risk taking and motivation.

Joe teaches you how to remain focussed on your goals and reach them. "Law of 250" was something that I've never heard of. It was interesting to know.

If you want to know about Joe Girard - the world's successful sales man and how he mastered his way to the top - this is the book to read.

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