Sunday, January 2, 2011

Presidential Thank You Speech (Chennai Toastmasters Club)

Dear Chennai Toastmasters,
I wish you all a very happy & educative new year 2011.

The last 6 months were very adventurous and very colorful.
I THANK ALL THE CLUB OFFICERS, VETERAN TOASTMASTERS, AND CLUB MEMBERS, who helped us to elevate Chennai Toastmasters Club to greater heights. 

I take this opportunity to highlight some of the key achievements and milestones that we reached together, during the last term (July - Dec 2010).

Educational (Leader: Rajesh Natarajan)
  • No canceled meetings & meeting agenda sent on time.
  • Added "Test Your Listening Skills" segment to the meeting 
  • 2 DTM Awards - Aditya Maheswaran & Sastharam (Thank you guys)
  • Evaluations training workshop conducted by Ravi Baskaran Sir !
  • Aditya made the Chennai Toastmasters Club flag fly high, in District 82 conference, by coming out as the 2nd winner in District Evaluations contest
Membership (Leader: Prabakaran R)

  • We added 30+ new members to the club
  • Club won "Smedleys Award" for adding more folks in a short time
  • Prabakaran played additional roles as Treasurer & SAA, whenever there is a need (Thank you Praba)
Public Relations (Leader: Vijayaraghavan)
  • 4 club newsletters released in 6 months (by involving lots of Chennai Toastmasters Club members)
  • 275th meeting celebrated very well -despite Hurricane "Jal" there was a good turnout of members for the celebration
  • PRSense e-magazine talked about Toastmasters movement in India/Chennai (We brought the Chief Editor K. Srinivasan as a guest to one of our meetings)
Secretary (Leader: Sadayappan TM)
  • Meeting minutes were sent on-time and with lots of good content, since the time Sadayappan took charge
  • Sadayappan raised the bar as high as the sky for secretary role - Meeting minutes became more informative, educative and entertaining. Sadayappan added lots of color & creativity to the role. He exceeded the bar set by our previous record setter TM Mani.
Treasurer (Leader: Balaji S)
  • Achieved high levels of transparency - for the first time after a very long GAP in the history of Chennai Toastmasters Club  income & expenses data was shared with the club members
  • Need to learn the art of delegation from him ;-)
SAA (Leader: Subadra Ashok)
  • Kick started the meetings that she attended with a beautiful smile, warm welcome & a colorful introductions
  • The club now has a library of all the Advance Project manuals. Subadra took the initiative of collecting all the manuals and creating a library for Chennai TM.
The club achieved 9 out of 10 DCP points in less than 6 months. We'll get one more DCP point on Jan 9th, which would make Chennai Toastmasters Club  "eligible" for the prestigious Golden Gavel Award. DCP points are supposed to be achieved in a year and Chennai Toastmasters Club achieved the milestone in just 6 months time.

We had a motto of "Participate, Practice and Perform" when we started our journey, 6 months ago. I'm proud to say that we excelled in all the areas and exceeded all the goals that we had set for ourselves. I wish all the very best to Rajesh & his team, to take the club to the next level. 

- Saro
Immediate Past President,
Chennai Toastmasters,
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