Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sample Script for Inducting a New Member to the Club

You can find below a script that you can use for inducting new member(s) into your club.

Also read:

“Fellow Toastmasters, I’m pleased to have the occasion today to induct  (number) new members into the _______[Club name]______ Toastmasters Club. Individuals come to Toastmasters to improve their communication and leadership skills. We have the opportunity to help them achieve their goals. I ask our new members to come forward and join me at the lectern. Please withhold your applause until the ceremony is completed.”

[Inducting Officer calls each new member forward by name]

(Skip this if you are going to assign mentors later)  “The mentors for these new members are: [names of mentors]. Please come forward and stand next to your mentees.” 

INDUCTING OFFICER [to new members]:

“[Address new members by name],

Our collective obligation in the Toastmasters Club is to grow and improve ourselves and to share our knowledge and experience with fellow members. We ask you, our new members, to dedicate yourselves to personal growth, to share this great gift with your fellow members, and to help keep this Toastmasters Club strong and dynamic.”

[Inducting officer: Remind new members to say “I will” after the following script is read out by you.]

Will you make a firm obligation to attend meetings regularly and prepare fully for each assignment, to apply yourself to the program outlined in the Toastmasters manuals, to participate actively in club activities, to evaluate others in a positive, constructive manner, to build open, friendly relationships with our fellow members, and to bring other new members into the Club so that they can also gain the benefits of Toastmasters.


“Now, I request all of our Club members to stand. Please say, “I will” after I read out our Club’s pledge to our new members”.

We, the members of the ____________ Toastmasters Club, pledge to support you in your quest for self-development, to provide you with positive, helpful evaluations, to maintain a friendly, supportive atmosphere, to give you opportunities to help others, and to make your Toastmasters membership a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

[Inducting officer asks mentors to place a membership pin on each new member and hands each new member a Toastmasters membership certificate. Inducting officer leads applause, and then asks new members to return to their seats.]

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