Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Persuasive Speaker Project Manual Speeches

Here is the compilation of my Persuasive Speaker Project Manual Speeches.

Persuasive Speaker Project 5 - Are you a DAY DREAMER or an ACHIEVER? (Persuasive Leader)

Persuasive Speaker Project 4 - Why do I want you to be a Vegetarian? (Addressing the Opposition)

Persuasive Speaker Project 3 - Wanna be a REAL Competent Communicator? (Winning Proposal) 

Project 2 - Did that without any written notes :)

Persuasive Speaker Project 1 - Telling is not Selling (Effective Salesperson)

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Competent Communicator Manual Speeches

Entertaining Speaker Manual Speeches 

Storytelling Manual Project Speeches

Here is the compilation of speeches from toastmasters Storytelling Project Manual. 

Story Telling Manual Project 1 - Gratitude (The folk tale)

Story Telling Manual Project 2 - Everything happens for the good (Lets get personal)

Story Telling Manual Project 3 - Give it one more try (Moral of the Story)

Story Telling Manual Project 4 - Be Hopeful About the Future (Touching Story)

Story Telling Manual Project 5 - Everyone Makes Mistakes (Bringing history to life)

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Speeches by Management Manual Speeches

This is the compilation of all the "Speeches by Management" project manual speeches done by me in toastmasters club meetings.

Project 1 - Gross Domestic Product (The Briefing)

Project 2 - Baby Boomers (The Technical Speech)

Project 3 - Power of Asking Questions (Manage & Motivate)

Project 4 - War in Iraq (The Status Report)

Project 5 - Troop Surge in Iraq (Confrontation)

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