Friday, December 3, 2010

Sample Script for Conducting Club Elections

If you are a club nominations committee chairman and if don't have any clue of "How to conduct a club election in a toastmasters club", the following template will help. 

You can also look at the Sample email requesting for club officers nomination which has to be sent to the club mailing list, when you are planning for your club elections.

(Also read: Sample script for installing club officers in a toastmasters club )

  • Elections for the ______________ club officer term will now commence.

  • For each position, I will call for nominations/any additional nominations 3 times.

  • After I have called for nominations 3 times, I will declare nominations closed.

  • If there are no candidates for a position, I will instruct the club executive to search for a candidate and hold elections for that position at a later date.

  • If there is only one candidate for a position, I will advise the Secretary to cast the deciding ballot.

  • If there is more than one candidate, each individual will have the opportunity to speak for 2 minutes; we will then hold a secret ballot that will be counted by <2 a="a" for="for" individuals="individuals" not="not" position="position" running="running">. The winner will then be announced.

Nominations will be in the order below:
    1. President
    2. VP Education
    3. VP Membership
    4. VP Public Relations
    5. Secretary
    6. Treasurer
    7. Sgt at Arms


We will commence with nominations for the position of
1.    Are there any nominations?
2.    Are there any (further) nominations?
3.    Are there any (further) nominations for the position of ?

[If there is a nomination from the floor, ask for a seconder for the nomination. Once there is a seconder, ask the individual if they will let their name stand. If they will, they become a candidate for the position. Continue asking for nominations until it has been done a total of 3 times. Once there is a nomination from the floor, you include the word “further” in the call for nominations.]

I declare nominations closed for the position of .


Madame/Mr. Secretary, please cast the deciding ballot in favour of for the position of

Please congratulate our new ,


The individual candidates will now speak for up to 2 minutes each. Madame/Mr. Timer, please show the green card at 1 minute, yellow at 1½ minutes and red at 2, at which time you will lead the applause to thank our candidate.

[Call the candidates in alphabetic order.]

[Have the members vote by secret ballot. Have the votes counted. Read the results.]

Madame/Mr. Secretary, please record as for the ___________________ term.

Please congratulate our new ,

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