Sunday, March 27, 2011

Table Topics - Theme "Christmas"

If you are the Table Topics master for the Christmas special toastmasters meeting, you can get benefited by the questions listed here. This blog post has table topics questions that you can ask in your toastmasters meeting with the theme as "Christmas".

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1) What is your most memorable Christmas celebration?

2) Even today, I believe in Santa Claus because ...

3) I love getting gifts, but I hate buying it for others.

4) Why do you think we should not have a holiday for Christmas?

5) If you have an option to change the costume of Santa Claus, what would you do?

6) I'm jealous of Santa Clause because ...

7) Christmas reminds me the state of our economy, every year

8) I don't believe in buying things during Christmas Sale because ...

9) 5 things that you like to do during Christmas holidays.

10) Why do you think Christmas should be celebrated by everyone in this world?

11) Why do you like Christmas so much?

12) 5 reasons why we should not give gifts to others on Christmas.

13) Christmas holidays should be a month long

14) If you have unlimited money, what is one electronic gadget that you would buy for yourself? Why?

15) You get a phone call from Christ on the day of the Christmas. What would you ask him?

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