Monday, December 14, 2009

Chennai TM Club Officer Elections - My pitch for VP of Education

Dear friends,

I'm very thrilled and honored to contest in our club elections for the VP of Education role.

All of us have joined toastmasters with a simple objective of becoming a better communicator and leader. My goal, as a VP of Education, would be to help you in achieving your goals faster and easier. If elected, I want to implement the 3M plan, that will steer the Chennai Toastmasters club to the next level of achievement.

The 3M plan focuses on

1. Mentoring
2. Meeting
3. Members' Goal Tracking


I would like to bring-in a process which formalizes the mentoring process that is followed today. During my term, there will be increased focus on the mentoring process and constant review of the progress with both the mentors and mentees.

In addition, I will facilitate regular educational sessions, with the help of seasoned toastmasters, to provide learning opportunities to our new members. This would be similar to the one provided by Ananth & Aditya recently, on "How to handle Table Topics". These sessions would be focused on common issues such as how to develop speech scripts, how to remember all the points in the speech, how to effectively achieve our communication/leadership goals.


Based on what I've observed in the last several months, we end up filling most of the evaluation roles just a few minutes before the meeting. This adds to the anxiety of the other role players. If given an opportunity, I would like to bring-in more enhancements to the process of assigning roles. This new process would include Member's individual goals, Member's availability information and Club's goals to effectively assign roles to members in advance and would provide an enjoyable toastmastering experience to everyone.

Members' Goal Tracking

I will work with each one of you to understand your short-term and long-term goals. As far as toastmastering is concerned, I will be your GPS, Odometer and Alarm clock - ALL in ONE. I will guide you (like your GPS) to effectively achieve your goals, gauge your progress (like an Odometer) and remind you about your goals (like an Alarm clock).

Friends, together we can reach greater heights, if we adopt the 3M plan. If elected, my role as a VP of Education would be to successfully implement the 3M plan, so that, we all can become better communicators and leaders.