Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50 words to use instead of "good" in your speeches

When I joined toastmasters in 2006, the only words that I used for appreciating people are “good” and “very good”. If I was asked to evaluate a speech, and if the speech is too good, I used to say “The speech was very very good”. It makes my speech evaluations a little boring; especially when I use “good, very good or very very good” often in my 3 minutes speech evaluations.

Today, I realize that Toastmasters has heavily contributed to my vocabulary – directly or indirectly. Being part of toastmasters, I’m forced to read books, magazines and newspapers for coming up with speech topics. Today, I know many words that I wouldn't have dream't of using 6 years ago. I thought of sharing the wealth with others.

1.       Awesome
2.       Amazing
3.       Admirable
4.       Adorable
5.       Attention Grabbing
6.       Astonishing
7.       Best
8.       Brilliant
9.       Breath taking
10.   Champion
11.   Commendable
12.   Extraordinary
13.   Exceptional
14.   Excellent
15.   Effective
16.   Fabulous
17.   Fantastic
18.   Fantabulous
19.   First class
20.   Fine
21.   Flawless
22.   Great
23.   High quality
24.   Incomparable
25.   Impressive

26.   Incredible
27.   Interesting
28.   Invaluable
29.   Memorable
30.   Mesmerizing
31.   Marvelous
32.   Magnificent
33.   Mind blowing
34.   Outstanding
35.   Outperforming
36.   Phenomenal
37.   Perfect
38.   Remarkable
39.   Reverberating
40.   Super
41.   Super Duper
42.   Superb
43.   Superior
44.   Supreme
45.   Stupendous
46.   Stunning
47.   Spectacular
48.   Terrific
49.   Tremendous
50.   Wonderful

Will increase the count to 100, as soon as I pick up some new words !


  1. Thanks much Durai ! Splendid is the 51st word... :)

  2. Thank you for this Saro sir, Flawless! :)

  3. Thanks Raj. Glad to know that you liked my article.

  4. Thank you so much Saro sir, for helping us to build our vocabulary :) we will try to implement in our day to day activities, it is simply fabulous

  5. Inspirational and Energized! Thanks for sharing.

  6. this is really helpful it is astonishing

  7. Thank you. I am new to toastmasters. I really needed this.

  8. Thanks much. Glad to know that you liked it.