Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toastmaster of the Day - Script (14th Feb 2011)

Good evening fellow toastmasters and welcome guests… Now, I’m going to give you a puzzle… “Chocolates, Flowers and Greeting Cards”… what is the occasion … “Valentine’s day”.  Yes! Valentine’s day it is. This is a day to express love by presenting chocolates, flowers and greeting cards. We are going to do exactly that, in today’s toastmasters meeting.
A toastmasters meeting has 3 segments:
·         1st segment     - Prepared speeches is equivalent of presenting chocolates. The taste lingers even after the speakers are done with their speeches. Speakers deliver their speeches according to the objectives defined in a project manual.
·         2nd segment     - Table Topics … which is equivalent of presenting colorful flowers. A set of colorful speakers are going to do some impromptu talking, and will spread their fragrance with their short speeches on table topics given by the table topics master.
·         3rd segment     - Evaluation… which is equivalent of presenting greeting cards. While the taste of chocolates or the fragrance of flowers last only for a short time… the Greeting Cards allow you to cherish the memory of your valentine for a longer time. Similarly, the Evaluators are going to share with you their feelings and thoughts on the speakers’ performance, orally and also in writing.

We are going to have an evening of education, entertainment and excitement … an evening of sweet, and fragrant memories to cherish.

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Chocolates are sweet, but their taste doesn't last
Flowers are bright, but their fragrance doesn't last
Cards are great, but their life is short
True love is the best, because...
It lasts till you rest.

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