Sunday, March 20, 2011

Table Topics - Theme "World without Computers"

Table Topics

Good evening fellow toastmasters and dear guests …

I’ll be the table topics master for the day.

Theme & Introduction

The theme for today’s table topic session is “World without Computers & Internet”

Internet has become part of our everyday life. Infact, many of us eat, sleep and get up with a computer. Computers are yet to become water proof. Otherwise, they would be with us even in the bath tub.

Internet has been taken for granted these days. We get access to information from almost all the places. With the advancements in mobile technologies, Internet can now be accessed from anywhere in the world.

In today’s table topic session, we are going to get some of your perspectives about Computers & Internet.


I have four questions for our discussion, today. The first question is

1)      Tell us five things that the world would miss without computers & internet?

Rajesh's speech last week touched upon an interesting point. A growth in the rate of obese people is due to lack of physical activities. Computers & Internet not only have an impact on our physical health - but also our mental health. They've changed the way in which we do things.

2)      How do you think you are spoilt because of Computers & Internet?

Many of us even sacrifice our personal life and spend hours & hours together with computers & Internet. Internet is a double edged sword.

3)      How would Computers & Internet change your life in another 20 years?

The first time that I saw a computer was during my 10th Grade. The computers were locked in a room with glass walls. We were just given the opportunity to "see" them from a distant location. However, my 7 months old daughter gets to play with my laptop almost everyday.

4) Would you recommend kids to have access to Internet? If so why? If not why?

We read a number of stories/articles regarding personal identity being stolen and security being compromised over the internet.

5) Was there a situation where your personal identity/security was compromised over the internet?

Well, it is hard to imagine a world without Computers & Internet. Computers & Internet have deeply penetrated into everyone's life. While we cannot live in a world without them, we should make sure that we don't miss our personal life. For those who spend hours & hours in front of computers, please remember that there is a beautiful world outside the LCD panels.

With this, let me close today's table topics session.

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