Sunday, March 27, 2011

Table Topics - Theme "Independence Day"

This blog post has table topics questions that you can ask in your toastmasters meeting with the theme as "Independence Day".  If you are the Table Topics master for the Independence Day special toastmasters meeting, you can get benefited by the questions listed here.

Table Topics - Theme Independence Day 

1) What is your most memorable Independence day celebration?

2) What do you normally do during Independence day holidays?

3) Which is the most memorable trip that you took during the Independence day long weekend?

4) I wish we had not got Independence

5) The modern generation does not understand the power and value of Independence

6) What if our country has not received Independence?

7) If you were a leader who fought for Independence, what would you have done differently?

8) 5 mistakes that our country did post Independence

9) I love the movie "Independence day" much more than the actual "Independence day"

10) Who is your favorite national leader? Why?

11) Why would you not join politics?

12) Why should our youth take an active part in our country's politics?

13) Why should the country not declare holiday for Independence day?

14) Independence day celebrations should be month long. Not just a day or a couple of days.

15) I love to be a slave, than being independent?

16) We are slaves even post Independence.

17) If we are going to be slaves again, which country would you think will capture/control us?

18) Assuming that we are not a Independent country today, how do you think the modern Independence

day struggle would be?

19) Today, we are Independently Interdependent.

20) Women has not still received Independence from the male dominated society. You can talk for or

against this topic.

21) Why do you think Independence day celebrations are not environment friendly.


  1. These are really good topics for the elequation.. thanks.

  2. Number 15? Who likes slavery? This question is inappropriate and should be removed. Oh, but it came from your mind. I can't change that.

    1. Good feedback. I've changed the wording a little bit.