Sunday, March 20, 2011

Table Topics - Theme "Back to school"

This article has Table Topics with the theme "Back to school"

Terry - "Back to school" promotions - Are they a boon or a bane (persistent annoyance)?

John Love - Most of the teachers, establish rules on the first day of school. If Ray Downen is the teacher of 1st grade students, what are some of the rules he would establish?  (John Love)

Don - When you were a kid, "Why did you like going back to school"?

Min - How would you motivate your son to get the best grade in school, this year? 

Warren - You are the head master of a school. This is the first day of the school. You had promised everyone that you'll give a speech about "punctuality". You are late by 15 minutes. How would you start your speech?

Cliff - Imagine that Hillary becomes the President of USA. She selects you as the Vice President. You should persuade Hillary to sign a bill that forces all the employers (not just schools) to announce a mandatory 3 months summer break.

Chris - Why do you think the summer break should be just 1 week instead of 3 months?

Maren - Which is the most memorable summer break that you had during child hood?

Erica - What are some of the things that you would do to impress your teacher on the first day? 

Ray - We are your students. Talk to us on the subject "Plagiarism is the short cut to success".

Blanca - You are the head mistress of a school. You notice that the newly hired teachers aren't dressed 'appropriately' to the school. You called them all for a meeting. What would your pep talk to them, be?

Hana -You are the owner of a local stationary store. Why do you think we should buy "back-to-school" items from your store than from Walmart?

Carmalita - Did you ever got night-mares about going "back to school"? Why or Why not?

Mark - What was the most costly 'back to school' item that you ever got?

Karen - Kids give a lot of excuses for not going to school. What was your most creative excuse for not going to school?

Ron - If you are the President of United States for just one day, what are some of the changes that you would bring in our education system?

Gil - When you were a kid, what did you think, you would become in life? Did your dream come true?

Marty - You are the teacher of 10-th grade students. How will you explain them that participating in sports is important than academics?

Wada - Does spirituality help in getting good grades, even if you don't do your homework?

Sam - Do you think the gas price & current inflation have any impact on the "back to school" spending?

Michele (?) - Which one do you like the most - "summer break" or "winter break"


  1. Thank you. Used some of the questions today.

  2. Great to know that you used some of these Table topics.

  3. Thank you. I used some of these for my Table Topics too.