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How to organize YLP (Youth Leadership Program)?

Organizing a Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is a wonderful experience. YLP makes you feel that you can put your toastmastering skills to the best use, in the development of the community and in grooming the future leaders of the society. If you are interested in organizing a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (YLP), this article will help you.

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Who can organize an YLP?

According to Toastmasters International, a local toastmasters club should sponsor/organize a YLP.

Where can I conduct YLP?

You can conduct YLP in schools, colleges, scout groups, and other communities for youngsters.

What do we do in a YLP?

During YLP, we help the participants to become better communicators and leaders. The YLP sessions will be similar to that of your toastmasters club meetings. However, the students/participants will run the show and you should coach them to do their roles. You'll also have to conduct educational sessions for them on "How to use their voice effectively", "How to come up with a speech script?", "How to use their body language", etc.,

What is the age group of the participants/students?

YLP is meant for teenagers. You can do it for students who are in the age group 13 - 18. For adults, you can consider conducting Speech Craft program.

How long is the YLP program conducted?

YLP program is conducted over a period of 8 meetings. The meetings can happen during the weekdays or weekends.

What is the minimum and maximum size of the YLP students group?

The effectiveness of the program will be realized when you conduct the program for smaller groups (very similar to your toastmasters club meetings). An average size of 15 - 20 students in a group (not exceeding 25 students).

I have more than 25 students who are interested to participate. What should I do?

If you have more students who are interested to join, you can split them into smaller groups and have two co-ordinators for each group. For example, if you have 100 students in a school interested to participate, you can split them into 4 groups of 25 students each. You can have 4 * 2 = 8 co-ordinators for each class room.

How many coordinators would I need to run the YLP program?

It depends upon the size of the students group. You need at least two coordinators for a group of size 20.

How should I pick trainers/coordinators for the program?

It is recommended to have somebody who has completed at least their Competent Communicator / Competent Leadership manuals, as trainers/coordinators.

Where should I get the funds for running YLP?

The club can fund the program or can get outside sponsors to fund the YLP program. Students should not be charged for the YLP program.

What are the items/manuals that I should order from Toastmasters International?

Coordinators handbook (one for each coordinator)

Participants note book (one for each student)

Coordinator certificate (one for each coordinator)

Participant's certificate (one for each student)

You may also consider to order trophies, pins, best speaker ribbons and other materials from Toastmasters International website - depending upon your funds availability.

What is the approximate cost of organizing a YLP?

Coordinator's handbook:     No. of coordinators * $5 each
Participant's handbook:     No of participants  * $5 each

Coordinator's certificate:  No. of coordinators * $0.60 each
Participant's certificate:  No of participants  * $0.60 each

If you have a group of 25 students, and 2 coordinators, your approximate cost of materials would be ((25 * $5) + (2 * $5) + (25  * $0.60) + (2 * $0.60)) =  $151.2

The other things that you should consider when calculating the cost of the program:
  • Shipping cost for the materials/manuals
  • Refreshments (tea, snacks) that you may serve to the participants/coordinators
  • Transportation cost, if any
  • Hall/Venue expenses, if any
You can use the currency converter to calculate the cost in your local currency.

Will I get a credit if I organize a YLP?

Yes. The Chief Cordinator who organizes the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) can get a High Performance Leadership credit. The other coordinators can get credit for their speeches / performance in their respective project manuals (CC / CL / AC )

Where can I find more information regarding Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (YLP)?

You can find the latest information in the following link:

This article is a compilation of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about YLP from my mentees. If  you have any other unanswered questions, leave a comment here.

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