Monday, December 3, 2012

10 leadership skills by DTM Ted Corcoran

I had an excellent opportunity to listen to DTM Ted Corcoran's educational session on "10 leadership skills for toastmasters", at Reverberations 2012 in Cochin. This blog post is a quick summary of the key lessons from the educational workshop.

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1) Great leaders have a clear vision
2) Great leaders have positive core values/ethics
3) Great leaders accept responsibility - both failures and successes
4) Great leaders have clear goals
5) Great leaders are team builders (TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More)
6) Great leaders are able to delegate and empower
7) Great leaders are excellent communicators
8) Great leaders are disciplined
9) Great leaders  "Encourage the heart"
10) Great leaders are enthusiastic and always have a positive attitude.

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Some interesting quotes/remarks from DTM Ted Corcoran's educational session,

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality" by Warren Bennis

"Leadership is action, not positions" by Donald H. McGannnon

"Leaders don't force people to follow, they just invite their members to join their journey"

"If you as a leader don't know where you are going, almost everybody in your team doesn't know as well"

"Paint a picture of what the end goal looks like, to your team"

"If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, and at any time" from the book Five Dysfunctions of a Team

"A leader says "Let's Go". A non-leader says "Go!"

"Motivate them, train them, care about them and make winners of them", by J.W. Marriot (Founder of Hotel Marriot)

"Money won't make you happy, but happy people will make you money"

"You'll be fired with enthusiasm or you will be fired, with enthusiasm" by Vince Lombardi

"I'm NOT DONE yet" by Charlie Kleane

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 DTM Ted Corcoran is the past International President of Toastmasters International.

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