Monday, December 3, 2012

10 things you SHOULD NOT DO in a speech contest

In toastmasters contests, judges are supposed to be 'invisible'. Though there are mechanisms to SPOT a judge in a speech contest, as contest organizers we should ensure that the identity of the judges are not revealed to the possible extent. Here are some tips the 10 things that you SHOULD NOT DO in a toastmasters speech contest.

  1. Don't do the judges briefing and contestant briefing in the same hall and that too at the same time
  2. Don't do the judges briefing near the entrance of the contest venue
  3. Don't take pictures of the judges, during the judges briefing
  4. Don't give special notepads/writing pads/folders to JUST the judges
  5. Don't make ALL THE judges to occupy the front row
  6. Don't make an open announcement on the stage - "All the judges are requested to meet the Chief Judge immediately" (because, all the eyes of the audience will now be glued to the Chief Judge to find out who is approaching the Chief Judge. They are most likely to be a judge in the contests)
  7. Don't ask from the stage "Judges and role players, can we begin the contests?"
  8. Don't start the contests without ensuring that ALL THE JUDGES are in the meeting hall.
  9. Don't read the names of the contestants very fast - read the names at least twice and very clearly for judges to note down
  10. Don't make the Chief Judge to collect the ballots from the judges, after the contests (because, the Chief Judge is known to every body)

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