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High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project Ideas / Requirements

How can I complete my High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project? What are some projects that I can do to complete my HPL? What are the requirements of HPL? These are some questions that come up from budding toastmasters who would like to transform into great leaders. If you are looking for project ideas to complete your HPL, you've come to the right place. This article summarizes some of the email conversations that I had with my mentees on this subject of "High Performance Leadership".

Always, look at Toastmasters International website for the latest information. The information contained in this article is accurate as of the date of writing :)

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What is High Performance Leadership (HPL)?

  • An "action-learning" program that will help you to develop your leadership skills
  • Uses a 3 part learning process - study, action, and feedback
  • A 5 phase program which involves:
    • Recruiting a guidance committee
    • Choosing your objective / Setting Goals
    • Winning commitment to your objective from your team 
    • Working the plan with your team
    • Analyzing and Presenting Results to the Guidance Committee, regularly
What are some projects that I can do for HPL?
  • Starting a club from the scratch
  • Running a division or district conference as a Conference Chairman or Conference Co-Chairman
  • Organizing Youth Leadership Program 
  • Organizing Speech Craft 
  • A project at your workplace that involves a large team
  • Activities that you do as an Area / Division Governor 
  • A project in your local community/church etc., involving a large team
& any other project that is legal, ethical and socially responsible 
Where can I find more information on HPL?

There is a manual that you can follow to complete your HPL (includes Guidance Committee Workbooks). You can purchase it from Toastmasters International.

How big should be my team?

HPL manual doesn't call out a specific team size. However, your team size can be anywhere from 6 - 12 people.

Should the results of the project work be "successful" for me to claim for a HPL credit?

The results of the project work may not be successful. HPL manual emphasizes on the experience, process and procedure that you go through, than the "results" of your project. For example, if you start a project of raising $20,000  for your church and if you end up raising just $10,000 you can still claim a credit for your HPL, documenting your experiences and learning from the project.

Who should I have in my guidance committee?

You can have a mix of toastmasters and/or non-toastmasters who can who can guide you in your decisions and acknowledge the completion of the project.

What is the procedure to get HPL credit?
  • You have to deliver a 5 - 7 minutes speech in your club or during the felicitation ceremony. Your speech should get evaluated by a toastmaster. 
  • Your "guidance committee" members have to sign the application and provide their contact details.
  • Your VP Education has to mail the applications to Toastmasters International with your Membership # & club #. You'll get credit for Leadership Excellence (towards your ALS).
How should I fill the HPL application?

You can find below a sample HPL Award Application.

I have already completed a BIG project. Can I get a HPL credit for it now?

The value of the HPL program is in the process, procedure and experience that you go through when following the High Performance Leadership manual. When you just submit your HPL application for the project that you had already completed, you'll not get the REAL benefit of completing a HPL.

If you have more questions, leave them as a comment here and I'll try to answer your question. 

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  1. In other words if you're over budget then you include that in your speech to the club. Now, the "Use of Club Funds" prohibits their use for social gatherings. Does that mean if you have speeches and table topics in a restaurant that those two components satisfy the requirement for an Educational component and the club can subsidize the lunch.