Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rhetoric 2012 - Division G (Tamilnadu) Conference

This is an article that got published in Chennai Toastmasters newsletter (May 2012)

"Small things make perfection, but perfection isn't a small thing".

We, the toastmasters from Division G, witnessed the performance of some of the BEST speakers in Tamilnadu who paid attention to those small details - that made them the STARS of Division G.  Rhetoric 2012 showcased the leadership of toastmasters who skillfully crafted the entire event.

Rhetoric 2012 is the Annual conference of Division G toastmasters which includes all the 33 clubs in Tamil Nadu. The highlight of the conference is the International speech contest and Table Topics contest.

The day kick-started with a Bharathanatyam performance by young masters Ritika and Varshini who kept the audience in rapt attention with their adept moves. In the morning, we had International speech contest and we had Table topics contests in the afternoon. The contestants gave extraordinary speeches making it tough for the judges to identify the winners. The speeches were of very high quality.

The guest speaker of the day Dr.Irai Anbu I.A.S, gave an enthralling speech on communication. His speech focused on body language and how it plays an important role in communication. He covered various topics such as evolution of communication since the universe began; origin of languages; importance of body language etc., Dr. Irai Anbu stressed on the fact that listening skills are imperative to be a successful communicator. The highlight of Dr. Irai Anbu’s session was the non-stop humor. Overall, the session was educative, entertaining and enriching.

Rhetoric 2012 provided a platform for young students, IT professionals and executives to bond with ease.
Rhetoric 2012 is special for many reasons:

- For the first time ever, the top 3 district officials are attending the conference together in Division G. District 82 officers DTM Saleem, DTM Nina John and DTM Nirmala Lilly attended the conference.
- This is THE last conference of the combined Division G which includes all the clubs in Tamilnadu.
- Last but not the least, Rhetoric 2012 celebrates the success of Division G. Division G is the first division  to become President Distinguished in the whole of District 82.

The event came to a close with toastmasters George Vinoj and Arna Chugani winning the International Speech and Table Topics speech contests, respectively. They will represent Division G in the District contests at Ovations 2012, happening in Colombo, Srilanka.

Rhetoric 2012 provided an excellent opportunity for toastmasters from various clubs to connect, communicate and cross-pollinate. This is one of the BEST conferences that I’ve ever attended.

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