Friday, August 24, 2012

How to select a speech topic and write a speech script?

Speech Topics are EVERY WHERE!

How do I select a speech topic? How do I come up with a speech script?

If you are new to toastmasters, these are the questions that will linger in your mind. You may find it difficult to come up with a speech topic and to expand it into a full blown speech script. Don’t worry. It is very easy to select a topic and write a speech script. Speech Topics are EVERY WHERE…. This article is aimed at providing you some tips on coming up with speech topics and expanding them to speech scripts.

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Sources for Speech Topics

“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things; the books you read and the people you meet.” says Charlie Jones a famous speaker. It is very true. 

There are two types of speech sources:
             1.  Personal Experience – Interests, Career, Family, & Education
             2.  Reference Material – Websites, Books, Magazines, Newspapers

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There are so many topics that you can pick from your personal life and from other sources. Here is a list of topics from which you can do a speech:

1.         Your most memorable events from
o          Life
o          Student life / Childhood
o          College life
o          Professional life
o          Married life
o          Raising a kid,  etc.,     

2.         Your thoughts about
o          country, people, economy, donations, education system,
o          foreign countries
o          going green, population control, traffic, social service, health care
o          shopping malls, advertisements
o          sports, etc., 

3.         Your favorite
o          Vacation
o          Movie / Drama / Actor / Comedian / Director
o          Restaurant / Food items
o          Book
o          Hobby
o          Sport / Athlete / Sports man/woman
o          Leader or author, etc.,           

4.         Your thoughts about
o          time management
o          team work
o          performance appraisals
o          conflicts
o          project management 
o          quality
o          new year resolutions
o          training, etc.,

5.         Your
o          Goals… ambitions… dreams…
o          Principles… belief…
o          Role model / mentor 
6.         Your thoughts about
o          Computers,
o          mobile phones,
o          electronic gadgets
o          television
o          online banking
o          credit  / debit cards / ATMs, etc.,

7.         Something that you read from newspaper, magazines, Internet, books etc.,

8.         Something that you learned by attending conferences, seminars, workshops, training programs, special courses etc.,

9.         Something that you learned from your work or real world experience that may be of use to others
o          Steps involved in buying a car, buying a house, building a house, making the best investment etc.,
o          How to hire best engineers for your projects? How to get the best out of your team? How to get the best performance rating?
o          How to effectively raise a child?
o          How to deal with relatives, friends, spouse, parents, colleagues, or boss?  

10.       Imaginary topics
o          What if you weren’t born in India?
o          What if you were the President / PM of the country?
o          What if you weren’t an Engineer and you were a doctor?
o          What if you got a million dollar in lottery?
o          What if you have to live for 100 years? etc.,

You don’t have to be a born speech writer to come up with a speech script. The more scripts that you write, the better you are going to be. You can easily develop your writing skills… if you are determined to develop it. Sign-up for your next speech and start preparing RIGHT AWAY … and using the RIGHT WAY! 

Happy speaking ... 


  1. Great idea!!!
    Can you please write an article about preparing humorous speech scripts?

  2. Great tips!!
    Can you please write an articles about preparing humorous speech scripts?