Monday, August 27, 2012

Mentoring a new member - Checklist

If you are mentoring a new member, here are some guidelines to follow:

First meeting with new member

New member profile and objectives

·         Establish the objectives the new member hopes to accomplish in this club
·         What is the current skill level of the new member?
·         Any specific fears of public speaking?
·         Why did you choose to join a Toastmasters Club
·         What can this club do to help you accomplish your goals?

Meeting Structure

·         Discuss the different kinds of meetings and what occurs during each.
·         Business Meeting / General Meeting
·         An overview of what happens in a meeting
o   An overview of the structure of a meeting
o   How we show encouragement (ex: applause)
o   Show them the various meeting role player templates
o   The toastmaster meeting layout for the meeting
o   Roles of each meeting (please discuss the duties of each role in detail)
§  Ah Counter/Joke Master, Grammarian, Timer
§  Table Topics Master and Speakers
§  General Evaluator, Speech Evaluators
§  Toastmaster of the Day
·         How to address the podium. Discuss how we formally address the member at the podium.
o    ‘Madam/Mister General Evaluator and fellow Toastmasters’ …. And guest’

Agree upon basic codes of conduct

·         Mutually agree upon convenient time for sync-ups
·         Mutually agree upon how much in advance speech scripts have to be sent for review
·         When to reach your mentor?
o   When you are assigned a newer or bigger role
o   Whenever you have a question about Toastmasters as an organization
o   When you need some ideas for upcoming speeches
o   When you want your speech scripts to be reviewed
o   ????

Second meeting with new member

Club Details

·         Club goals for the year
·         How to sign-up for various roles / speaking slots
·         Details about club mailing list / website / facebook page etc.,
·         Reference the Distinguished Club Program Goals
·         State the Club Mission
·         Two paths to take to achieve awards.
o   Communication Path / Leadership Path
o   Toastmasters International. Describe what that is and explain how there are different levels.
·         Other cubs in the locality
·         Briefly talk about the Toastmasters Magazine

Third (or future) meetings with new member

Roles inside/outside the club

·         What are the different officer positions in the club and what do they do? (Also read: 10 ways of identifying role players for club meetings as VP Education)

·         Briefly talk about the levels that Toastmasters can take i.e., Area Governor , Division Governor etc.,
·         Discuss the different types of Manuals
o   Competent Communicator / Competent Leadership / Advanced
o   Discuss how the speeches in the manual build upon each other to enhance speaker’s abilities
·         Toastmasters’ events outside our club. Example: Speech contests.

    (Also read: Mentoring - Speech review checklist)

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