Monday, August 27, 2012

Mentoring - Speech Script Review checklist

As a mentor, you'll be helping your mentees in preparing for their speeches. You may be reviewing their speech scripts to suggest improvements and for making maximum impact on the audience. Here is a checklist that you can follow when reviewing your mentee's speech scripts.

When you review a speech script, look for the following things:   

1.     Speech script organized?

a.      Introduction- Interesting or attention grabbing? (How to write attention grabbing speech introductions?)
b.      Body - Two or three key points substantiated with examples or stories?
c.       Conclusion - Memorable? Powerful?

2.      Speech appropriate to the audience?

a.      Topic relevant to the audience?  (Speech Topic selection Ideas)
b.      Content appealing to the audience?
c.       Content is interesting? (informative or entertaining or educative or persuading)

3.      Speech meets the project objectives stated in the manual?

4.      Speech can be delivered within time?

5.      Presentation of the material

a.      Grammatical errors?
b.      Long sentences?
c.       Unwanted statements? Statements affecting the flow?
d.      Written to “speak” (instead of being written to “read”)?
e.      Organized into different sections? Preferably with a sub-heading
f.        Emphasis of appropriate words in the speech (for ex., statements that have to be spoken with high volume should be in BOLD or CAPS… I saw a HUGE ELEPHANT in the forest)

6.      Think from your mentee’s shoes and also from the audience shoes

a.      How will or how can the mentee deliver this script?
b.      How will the audience receive this material?

When giving feedback on the script:

  1. Give specific feedback (instead of just saying “make the introduction interesting”… suggest them an interesting speech introduction… tell them “this is how, I would’ve done it”)
  2. Give constructive feedback (Also read: CRISP Speech Evaluations)

  • appreciate the nice things about the speech script… don’t just comment about the items that aren’t written well
  • Use words such as “I recommend”… instead of “You should”…
  • User statements such as “Consider changing this introduction…” instead of saying “This introduction is boring”…
  • Use track changes in Microsoft Word… it helps the mentee to understand the changes that you’ve done to the script

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