Monday, December 5, 2011

Steps involved in chartering a new Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International website provides a lot of information about starting a new club. If you are interested in starting a club, submit your request using the form (or from

You can find a number of details regarding starting a new club at

I've made an effort to "simplify" the procedure involved in starting a club - so that, you can understand it in just 5 minutes.

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Always, refer to Toastmasters International website for latest information

Procedure to officially charter a new toastmasters club

1. Contact a District officer (District/Division/Area governor) or submit a request through Toastmasters International website to start a club in your community or corporate.

2. District/Division/Area governor will contact you and help you in organizing a demo toastmasters meeting.

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3. Download the chartering application from Toastmasters International website. You can look at the sample Club Chartering application to get an idea about how to fill the charter application.

4. Identify 7 club officers (President, VP Education, VP Public Relations, VP Membership, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms). You can see a summary of their roles and responsibilities at Club Officers - Roles & Responsibilities Summary. More information at

5. Identify at least 20 members who'll be part of the new club (this includes the 7 club officers)

6. Assign mentors for the club (Get help from District/Division/Area officers)

7. Fill the Chartering application forms and submit it to Toastmasters International

8. Conduct chartering ceremony and start conducting club meetings regularly. You can look at the sample Club Chartering Ceremony Agenda to plan for the charter ceremony.

  1. $125 for chartering the club (one time charge). When you submit this fee along with the "Application to Organize", you would receive a set of manuals and a Gavel for the club from Toastmasters International. A club which is in the "establishing phase" can file an "Application to Organize" first, and then send the membership fee later-on, when you have the minimum of 20 members. 
  2. $20 for every new member (one time charge for registration of the member. Each member will receive a membership kit which includes CC/CL manual)
  3. $45 membership fees (recurring; once every 6 months)
For example, if you are chartering a new club with 20 members, here is how the calculations are done.

($125) + (20 members * ($20 registration fee + $45 membership fee)) = $1425

Payment options

- Credit card (you'll have to share the details over email or via phone) or
- Wire transfer (there will be an extra fee for Wire transfers)

Currently, there is no mechanisms for online payment.

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