Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leadership Lessons - What WORKS when you are a leader?

Here are some lessons that I learned during my journey as the Division Governor for the toastmasters clubs in Tamil Nadu.
  1. If the team WINS, you WIN
  2. Volunteers cannot be fired
  3. Always look at the glass half-full - leaders are always optimistic
  4. Small things make perfection, but perfection isn't a small thing
  5. None of us can achieve what all of us can achieve together - TEAM WORK 
  6. Small actions x Lots of People = BIG Change
  7. Get committed people, give them responsibilities, and trust them to do their work
  8. When YOU do it, they'll FOLLOW
  9. Appreciate even the smallest of the accomplishments
  10. Stay connected with people and keep them informed
  11. Don't just THANK, thank them for a SPECIFIC REASON
  12. Your title is for a year, but the relationship is going to last longer (Don't let your title come in between YOU and YOUR relationship with people)
  13. Advices come for free - Like a "crane", decide what is appropriate for you
  14. & the list continues
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