Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Club Chartering Meeting/Ceremony - Agenda

Toastmasters Club Chartering ceremony is an important milestone for a newly formed club. Club Chartering meeting is the first "official" meeting of the toastmasters club, where the club officers are installed and members inducted. This article provides some guidance for you to plan your charter meeting.

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Whom to invite? This is the first question that will come to your mind. You can consider inviting the following people for your toastmasters club chartering ceremony meeting.
  1. Management Representatives from your corporate (for a corporate club)
  2. Toastmasters Representatives
    • District Governor
    • Division Governor(s)
    • Area Governor(s) 
    • Club officers from other clubs in your Area/Division
    • Club mentors and sponsors
Sample Charter Meeting Agenda

What should be done during the chartering meeting. Here is a sample agenda that you can follow during your club chartering ceremony meeting.
  • Opening of the meeting by & Introduction of MC by Sergeant At Arms - 2 minutes (SAA just reads the vision/mission and describes the Codes of Conduct)
  • Setting the context of the chartering meeting by the MC - 2 minutes
  • Speeches by Dignitaries from Toastmasters International (2 minutes x two dignitaries) - 4 minutes
  • Speeches by Dignitaries from the Corporate (for a corporate club) - (2 minutes x two dignitaries)  - 4 minutes
  • Installation of club officers by Area or Division Governor - 10 minutes
  • Club President delivers the acceptance speech (3 minutes)
    • Acceptance speech typically has the President's plan for the club, at a high level for the next 6 months. You can look at the Sample Presidential Acceptance Speech
    • Recognizes the Mentors/Sponsors of the club
  • President introduces Toastmaster of the Day (1 minute)
  • Toastmaster of the Day runs through the meeting using the script  (45 mins)
    • Have just 1 or 2 prepared speeches
    • Have 4 or 5 table topics
  • Toastmaster of the Day hands over the meeting to President (0 minutes)
  • President adjourns the meeting (2 mins)
Download meeting role player templates from Successful Clubs Toolkit

  1. Area/Division Governor can present Toastmasters Pins to the club officers
  2. President can give a memento to toastmasters representatives and to the people who helped in chartering the club
  3. If you have more time for the meeting, you can distribute the charter certificates to the charter member during the meeting. President can invite a dignitary to the stage to handover the charter certificates/manuals to new members. If there is no time, you can hand them over to members offline.
  4. Take a picture with all the charter members and charter club officers

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