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CC Project 10 - Inspire your audience - Faster Goal Achievement

CC - Project 10: Inspire your audience
September 28, 2007


How many of you want to stay fit, but do not have a regular exercise routine? How many of you here take 'new year resolutions' but do not follow them? How many of you have personal goals for which you hardly spend any time?
In the next 7 minutes, you are going to learn simple techniques to achieve your goals faster.

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Visualize the pleasure of reaching the goal. Visualize how you would be and how your life style will change after attaining the goal.

If you want to be a billionaire, visualize driving a Porsche or a Z3. Visualize living in your dream house with 20 different rooms, a big lawn in the front and a swimming pool at the backyard.

Visualizing fills your heart, mind and soul with the thoughts about your goal. Visualizing helps you to refine your goals and motivates to achieve them.

Find mentors or people with similar goals

I had a desire to improve my public speaking skills - for quite sometime. However, I lacked the motivation & guidance. My friend introduced me to Toastmasters. With the support & inspiration that I got from other toastmasters, I am now a decent speaker. If I hadn't joined toastmasters, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn from others. If I hadn't joined toastmasters, there would be no one to remind "Saro, the next thing that you've to improve is your Vocal Variety".

So, always find mentors or people with similar goals. They can help you to stay on track and reach your goals faster.

Split into smaller goals

You go to a pizzeria and order a pizza. Your hot delicious pizza is served. What if you were asked to eat the whole pizza without cutting into slices? You'll sit there for a while thinking "How the hell am I going to eat this pizza?" I bet you'll be able to eat it faster if you cut it into slices.

The same strategy can be applied in achieving your goals. Split them into smaller goals.

For example, you may have a goal of starting your own business in 2 years. You can split it into smaller goals like

- Develop skills to run the business
- Identify the resource requirements
- Raise capital
- Identify business partners

Assign a time line to each of these smaller goals.

If you have one big goal to achieve, you will not work on it giving an excuse "I don't have time". Splitting them into smaller goals helps you to accommodate them into your schedule. Achieving each smaller goal motivates you further and gives you extra confidence to reach the bigger goal.

Keep a good reminder system

How many of you tell your friends or spouse about your goals? Very good!

I shared my New Year resolution with my wife. I told her that I want to go for a brisk walk every morning. So, these days, she gets up at 5.30 am in the morning, wakes me up for my morning walk and she goes back to sleep again. I'm not sure if she does that to help me to achieve my goal (or) she wants to sleep comfortably in the bed.

Your reminder system can also be as simple as a small to do list (or) a poster on the wall that lists all your goals.


Having a goal & doing nothing about it - is equivalent to "NOT HAVING A GOAL". If there is something that prevents you from achieving your goals, that something is nothing but YOU.
If you had postponed taking actions towards your goals, DO IT NOW. Better late than never. Follow these simple techniques to reach your goals FASTER.

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