Friday, November 23, 2007

CC Project 1 - Ice Breaker Speech - My College Life

CC Project - 1: The Ice Breaker
October 13, 2006

Good evening dear friends,

I am very excited to be with you all, this evening. This is my first speech in toastmasters. The toastmasters manual says “Speaking about yourself is the easiest thing to do”. However, when I started to prepare for my Ice breaker speech, I realized that “It is not that easy to talk about yourself”.
Today, I will briefly introduce myself and share some of my college experiences, with you. 

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For people who are wondering who this guy is – I am Saro. I was born on September 1st 19xx. Yes. I am a Virgo. But many of my friends do not believe that I am a Virgo. There are several differences between me and a typical Virgo.
- Virgos are normally shy
o But I never feel shy to talk to strangers. Infact, I have bored them for hours. They would normally run away from me.
- Virgos are also modest
o However, I’m not. I don’t do any work behind the screens and I always project my achievements.
- Virgos are usually disciplined and organized
o I am an exception to this as well. I like sleeping for hours together. I normally do things only at the last minute. To be frank, I prepared for this speech only last night … actually, it is early morning today J
- Also, Virgos are intelligent and analytical
o People do believe that I have this quality… until they interact with me closely J

College Life

I think I was more of a Virgo until my twelfth grade. College life changed me a lot. It brought me out of the shell.
College life taught me a bunch of skills
- high jump & climbing
o Our hostel gates close at 9 pm in the night. We had to jump over fence and climb hostel wall to get into the hostel after watching night show movies.
- The next skill I developed was “tolerance”
o I picked up this skill by having food regularly at our college canteen & mess.
o At times the food will be very hot ‘n spicy and other times it will be without any taste. I started appreciating my mom’s cooking only after my hostel life J
- Another significant skill I gained was “Interaction with girls”
o Though I studied in a co-ed school, my classes typically had 50 boys
o and just 5 girls.
o College life looked more colorful to me with 30 boys & 30 girls in a class room.
o I don’t think I’ve mastered this skill a lot. But guys like Sai really did Ph.D on this J
Along with these skills, obviously I gained some engineering skills
College life got me my best friend, Sudhagar. I never imagined that we would be best friends. We used to fight a lot during our first year of college. However, situations turned-us to be friends from second year. Later, we realized that we have more commonalities, except for our heights.
One of my goals during the college life was to be an entrepreneur. One day or the other, I want to run my own company. Hopefully, I’ll achieve that in the near future.
4 minutes isn’t enough to talk about all my college experiences. I would like to finish my speech before I see the yellow card. Keeping fun things aside, college life gave me a very strong technical foundation. It brought the best out of me. I am thankful to my professors and fellow seniors who helped me to realize my fullest potential.
Thank you for patiently listening to my speech!!