Monday, April 15, 2013

High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project - FAQ

High Performance Leadership (HPL) is a five-projects program which provides instruction and practice in
key leadership skills/activities such as developing a mission/vision, setting goals, planning, identifying values and building a team. HPL project has to be done systematically using the steps outlined in the manual and with the help of a guidance committee. That will maximize your learning opportunity and will help groom your leadership skills. You need to run a HPL by involving a team (say, 10+ members) and for a longer period (say, 3 - 6 months). I keep receiving several queries on this subject. I'll use this blog post to keep track of the queries that I receive from fellow toastmasters and my thoughts/answers for such questions.

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What are some HPL projects that we can do? Who can get HPL credit for such projects? This is a question asked by a number of new toastmasters. Here are some guidelines:
  • Running a conference (Conference Chariman & Co-Chairman can get the HPL credit)
  • Organizing a Youth Leadership Program (Chief Co-ordinator will get the credit)
  • Organizing a Speech Craft Program (Chief Co-ordinator will get the credit)
  • Planning & organizing a major training program attended by 250+ people (Chief Co-ordinator will get the credit)
  • Students can organize a major event involving other departments/groups/colleges (Chief Organizer will get the credit)
  • A project at workplace that involves a large team (You'll get the credit when you play the role of a Project Manager)
  • Activities done by an Area / Division Governor during his/her term (Area / Division Governor will get the credit)
  • A project in local community/church etc., involving a large team (Chief Organizer will get the credit)
  • Building a club from scratch with the help of a team and with focused marketing/demo activities (The person who champions the new club will get the credit)
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Here are a set of questions asked by a fellow toastmaster and the answers that I provided.

1. Our VP-PR organized the club's 2nd anniversary celebration in Hotel Regency. It was really a grand celebration. The event budget was nearly Rs. 65K. Can HPL award be given to the VP PR for this ?

[Saro] No. I don't think this is a large enough project for HPL.

2. 6 of us will be planning to conduct 2 credit educational programme for 150 students. As coordinators for this entire program, can a team of 6 people be given HPL credits because they will be handling 25 students each for 90 hours.

[Saro] This is similar to a Speech Craft or YLP program. HPL credit can be given for the Chief Co-ordinator who is organizing the program, by involving the various volunteers.

3. We organize an out bound training every year where over 100 toastmasters go for a 2 day trip (as a certified course). A team of 2 people organize this.  Can this be considered as an HPL project ?

[Saro] No. I don't think this is a large enough project for HPL.

4. If we file a HPL award for a toastmaster now - will the award/credit be given immediately or it will be credited only when the toastmaster completes his/her ALS?

[Saro] You can file it separately and need not wait until the toastmaster completes the ALS. Toastmasters International will immediately honor the toastmaster with the "Leadership Excellence" award. It gets accounted automatically at the time of ALS.

Disclaimer: The answers given here are just my personal opinion. Please write to Toastmasters International ( to get the right answer.

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