Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Methods to organize your speech evaluations

There are multiple ways of organizing and presenting speech evaluations. I have outlined some techniques below:
  1. Sandwich style – Start commenting about nice things -> areas of Improvement -> nice things
  2. Chronological order – Start commenting on Introduction, then Body of the speech, and then Conclusion
  3. Speech objectives focused  – Read out your answers to the questions at the end of the project  given in the speech manual (Technique appropriate for beginners in speech evaluations)
  4. Theme based evaluations – “Listening to your speech was like watching a movie…”  
  5. Acronyms based organization - Your speech had SUPERB ingredients. S  for STORY, U for UNIQUE MESSAGE, P  for PERSUASION, E for ENTERTAINMENT, R  for RHETORICS and B for BODY LANGUAGE.
(Also read: CRISP Speech Evaluations)

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