Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speech Writing - 5 Wives & 1 Husband technique

After selecting a speech topic, you may be wondering "What should I talk about? How do I come up with the content for my speech?". Don't worry! 

There are multiple ways of expanding a speech topic into a speech script.  A simple technique that can be used by beginners is 5 Wives and 1 Husband technique.  

Wondering, who the Wives and 1 Husband are? 

They are 

  • What
  • When 
  • Where 
  • Who
  • Why 
  • How

Let us take a simple topic “My favorite vacation” and try to ask these questions.

      1.      What am I going to talk about – “My favorite vacation”
      2.      When did I take the vacation – “I was leading a hectic life because of my work pressure. I      was hardly able to spend any time with my family. My family members were bugging me to take them somewhere. I decided to take a short break from work and go for a mini vacation from my workplace”
      3.      Where did I go for vacation  “I considered going to Kodaikanal, but didn’t chose it because it will be crowded. Moreover, we had been to Kodaikanal several times in the past. We wanted to go to a new place this time… After lots of research, we zeroed-in on Coorg. I heard from my friends that Coorg is a very nice place for vacation”
      4.      Who are the people that accompanied for your vacation?
      5.      How did you make all the arrangements?
      6.      What are the places in Coorg that you visited? How was your experience?
      7.      Why is the vacation to Coorg very memorable/favorite for you?
      8.      What did you do for dinner/lunch? Where did you go?
      9.      Why do you (or) Why won’t you recommend the audience for a trip to Coorg?
     10. What are some advices that you’ll give to the audience when they plan for the trip to Coorg?

If you try to answer all the above questions, you can easily come up with a 5 – 7 minutes speech.

You can take any topic and expand into a speech script with the 5 Wives and 1 Husband technique. 

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