Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to bring a unsettled crowd under control?

You are going to deliver a speech to a group of people. But, the group is very unsettled and busy talking to each other. They weren't paying attention at all, even after the Master of Ceremony (MC) called your name, to speak.  How do you take control of the group/audience? You might have memorized a captivating introduction. But, what if nobody is listening to you? Do not start delivering your speech when the crowd is unsettled. Go to the stage and silently look at the audience, without showing any facial reaction. Just look at various sections of the audience, especially the groups that are still busy talking. In a few seconds, the crowd will calm down and start to focus on you.  When everyone is focusing on you, it is time for you to unwrap the covers of your flawless speech.

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