Sunday, July 4, 2010

Presidential Acceptance Speech (Chennai Toastmasters Club)

Please find below a sample Presidential acceptance speech that I delivered in Chennai Toastmasters Club in July 2010. If you are delivering an acceptance speech, you can include the top 3 items that you and your team would focus on during your term as a club officer.

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Dear Area Governer Aditya Maheswaran, President Mayurnath, fellow & future toastmasters,

Good evening to one and all.

I'm honored and thrilled to be in front of you today. I sincerely accept this important role as President of Chennai Toastmasters, for the next term beginning in July, 2010.

We, the army of 7 new officers including Rajesh, Prabakaran, Vijayaragahavan, Divya, Balaji and Subadra are fired-up and ready to serve you. The success of Chennai Toastmasters wouldn't have been possible without the leadership of past presidents and especially our outgoing President Mayurnath.

Let us all give Mayur and his team of officers, a big applause for their outstanding contributions and achievements, during the last term. Mayur and his team has increased the bar and we'll strive to maintain & improve the standards of our club.

Our #1 priority would be to provide an outstanding learning opportunity and learning environment to each and every member of Chennai Toastmasters. We'll lead the club to achieve and retain the President's Distinguished Club, status. Chennai Toastmasters is THE light house club of Chennai.

As the club officers, it is our responsibility to lead the club through the journey from club class to world class. We'll work hard to get our members to represent not only in area, division and district level contests but also in International contests.

Dear toastmasters, without your continued support, it would be impossible for us to exceed the bar set by our previous leaders. And I seek co-operation from each and every one of you, to help us in our journey.

We, the new officers are like the 7 colors in a rainbow. You, the ebullient Chennai Toastmasters are like dark clouds. The next term will be a breeze and its going to rain... its going to rain... its going to rain !!

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