Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 things that I liked about Reveberation 2013, District 82 Conference

Reverberation 2013… it was really a BIG BANG. When I ponder about Reverberation 2013, one thing that comes to my mind is the passion and dedication of the volunteers from Bangalore who had put together a fantabulous show.
District conferences always provide an excellent opportunity for Toastmasters from various clubs and divisions to connect, communicate and cross-pollinate. Reverberation 2013 wasn’t an exception. I felt as if I had gone to a totally new world for 2 days – a world filled with fun, education and togetherness.
Here is the list of top 10 things that I liked the most about Reverberation 2013:
  1. TM Sujith showed up at the Bangalore railway station at 4.30 am in the morning with a charming smile on his face to pickup the delegates. I was amazed by his dedication and passion to serve fellow Toastmasters. 
  2. The proximity of the conference venue to the hotels. We paid just Rs. 35 to catch an auto to reach the conference venue from the hotel. The hotels were neat/clean and within the budget.
  3. The "grand" inaugural / opening ceremony. The simplicity, diversity and the elegance was unmatchable. Especially, I liked the Panchatantra group’s performance, very much. 
  4. The educational value – many Toastmasters come to the conference to gain knowledge. If attending club meetings is like taking a bus to reach your destination, attending a conference is like taking a jet to reach your destination. In Reverberation 2013, the organizers maximized the educational value by arranging parallel educational sessions and by lining up high profile speakers/trainers.
  5. Smooth check-in procedure at the Registration desk in the conference venue. One notable thing is that volunteers were there at the registration desk almost throughout the day on both the days
  6. Quality of the food was unbeatable. In addition, there was a wide array of food choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 
  7. The space for networking around the meeting halls (there was enough place for people to hang around in groups and take pictures/chat) - TATA Auditorium venue was ideal for networking.
  8. Being the Chief Judge, I want to highlight the remarkable job done by Sunny & his team for the spectacular coordination and meticulous planning in the last one month for the contests. During the contests, whenever I reached out to Pearl Fernandes, Natasha, Mala Mary Martina, Kavya or Ajay for help... they offered help immediately. 
  9. The quality of our contestants has exponentially grown this year - both humorous and evaluations contests. The contestants gave a tough fight and made the job very tough for the judges 
  10. Last, but not the least… a very young team managed to pull off a huge conference like Reverberations 2013. Simply... unbelievable. This is a DREAM conference team.

I will cherish the memories of Reverberations 2013, forever.

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