Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do toastmasters really help in making official presentations effective?

A young toastmaster working for a software/IT firm asked "Do you think the skills gained in Toastmasters help when we make technical presentations at work?". 

Well, the fundamentals are the same. Irrespective of the 'content' of your presentation, you need to connect with your audience by making eye contact, you should use proper hand gestures & vocal variety to gain/retain audience attention. Even when preparing technical slides, you should make them easier to read and have just 2 or 3 main points per slide. You should always look at your audience and shouldn't show your back. Your presentation should always have a strong introduction & conclusion.

These simple tips that we learn in toastmasters help us irrespective of whether we make a technical or non-technical presentation. The effectiveness of your technical presentation increases by many fold when you incorporate all the skills that you gain in toastmasters. So, the next time you make a technical presentation at work, do not forget to incorporate your "Toastmasters" learning.  

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