Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toastmaster Tips - Vocal Variety

Vocal variety enhances the delivery of your speech to a great extent. It is not just a matter of speaking out load so that your audience can hear, but it is about emphasizing key points. When preparing your speech script, mark or underline the key phrases/words that you need to deliver with high or low pitch. When you practice your speech, consciously introduce vocal variations. Make sure that the voice modulations are exaggerated during your practice sessions. When you go live, your voice modulation would get adjusted to adequate levels because of your nervousness, and/or room/audience size

Have you listened to great public speakers? You can watch videos of speeches from eminent people like Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama in Youtube. It will help you to improve your delivery - especially your vocal variety. Do watch Martin Luther King's "I have a dream", if you get a chance.

Vocal Variety in your speech makes a lasting impact on the audience and helps them to remember your speech for a longer time.

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