Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Table Topics: Theme "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving provides as an opportunity to meet, greet and celebrate. The following are some table topics questions for your toastmasters club meeting with the theme as "Thanksgiving".

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1) What is your most memorable Thanksgiving cooking experience? Why?
2) I hate Thanksgiving weekend because ...

3) If you would like to call someone as a turkey, who would that be?

4) Give us 5 reasons why we shouldn't eat turkeys on Thanksgiving weekend.

5) If you get an opportunity to go on a date with someone on Thanksgiving day? Who would that be?

6) I love Thanksgiving weekend because ...

7) What is your most memorable Thanksgiving weekend? Why?

8) Whom do you like to Thank the most in your life? Why?

9) If you get an option to change the Turkey in the Thanksgiving menu, which one would you go for (instead of Turkey)?

10) If you have to convince a vegetarian to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving - what would you do?

11) You are a boss in the IT company. You have to convince your employees to work during the Thanksgiving weekend. You are employees are sitting in our club. How would you persuade them?

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(Table topics conducted in TGIF club in 2008)

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